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T-Level workshop

Partner with Ada to support the next generation of digital talent

T-level Employer Workshop

We are seeking employer placement partners in the London area for our inaugural T-Level Digital cohort, starting in September 2024.

Register here to join the conversation and find how you and your organisation could help educate and empower the next generation of diverse digital talent:


Event: Digital T-Level Placements - Employer Workshop

Date: Thursday, 27th June 2024, 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM 

Hosted by: Mark Campbell, Head of Curriculum Development at Ada

Location: Ada, National College for Digital Skills, 1 Sutherland St, London SW1V 4LD

This workshop will provide an excellent opportunity to learn more about our programme and discuss any specific details of interest. Alternatively, if you prefer to meet prior to the workshop, please let us know, and we can arrange a convenient time. Please email: (Head of Curriculum Development)

Information about T-level at Ada:

Our new T-Level Digital Production, Design, and Development students will be studying the equivalent of three A-Levels in Applied Computer Science, developing both deep underpinning computer science theoretical knowledge and, as importantly, hands-on, practical full-stack system development experience. This includes exposure to networking APIs, database development, project management, and UI/UX considerations. These students are motivated, imaginative, and resilient, eager to bring fresh and innovative ideas to your business.

The course lasts two years and includes 45 days of industry-related work placement.

We invite you to collaborate with us on shaping our curriculum and hosting these placements, ensuring that the needs of both your organisation and our students are met.

The placement model can be tailored to suit specific employer requirements - ranging from students being on-site one day per week to multiple multi-week 'block release' models to better align with specific development team project focusses. Though, for most employers, the placement will start with an initial workplace/team 'orientation' in January/February 2025, with the bulk of the placement occurring from June/July 2025 and continuing into the students' second year, concluding by May/June 2026.

Hosting our T-Level students for a 45-day (315-hour) industrial placement offers numerous advantages, including:

  • Attract Motivated Young Talent: Introduce young, passionate individuals to your business who bring in imaginative and new ideas.

  • Enhance Your Recruitment Pipeline: Improve your recruitment process by identifying and nurturing potential future employees.

  • Address Skills Gaps: Help bridge local and national skills gaps by equipping young people with the skills your industry needs.

  • Develop Staff Skills: Provide existing staff with valuable mentoring and management experience.

  • Foster Diversity and Creativity: Build a more diverse and innovative workforce.

  • Reduce Recruitment Costs: Evaluate potential future employees without any obligation, saving on recruitment expenses.

Click here to register for a place at our FREE Employer workshop.