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Earn while you learn

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  • Earn while you learn

    Not going to uni? Looking for a career change? Our Higher Level apprenticeships get you working with a top tech employer, a degree qualification, and a salary instead of tuition debt. 92% of apprentices felt that their apprenticeships made a positive impact on their career. We create a unique opportunity to leap-frog into the tech industry equipped with all the digital skills you need.

  • Modules that matter

    Experience a relevant course which works around your skills and target industry. We know companies look for technical, creative, and entrepreneurial skills when hiring so we designed our course to suit these pathways. Software development and programming is central to everything we do which is why all apprentices will become fully confident with computer science.

  • Find your Dream Job

    Learn valuable digital skills and on-the-job experience to start earning money and build a positive reputation in industry. Apprenticeships are a debt-free alternative to University, with successful apprentices paving their way to a permanent job offer or an apprenticeship diploma. The sky’s the limit.

Apprentice Stories

  • It’s the focus on industry related skills, skills that can really be used in the real world. Working with companies like IBM, Deloitte, Bank of America. If I really want to have a career this is where I need to be. 

    Shane's story

  • As soon as I joined Ada, they were already teaching us how to greet people.

    Vivian's story

  • I felt that, as the course had been developed with employers, I would have a better chance when entering the world of work.

    Andy's story

  • I’ve been lucky, but I would say to any girl, if this is what you want to do, then go for it. It’s a great career.

    Maariyah's story


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