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Ada wants to close the gap between education and industry, provide a skills-first approach to everything we do, and remove barriers between talented young people and their dream employers. To do this, we rely on the voluntary involvement of innovative and creative companies and individuals to fast-track ambitious individuals so they become tomorrow's digital trailblazers.


We look to influential individuals or organisations who can inspire our students to tread forward with relentless ambition and confidence. Our active connection with industry is unique. We can bring our student’s education to life with real-world practice of digital. We’re looking for speakers and workshop leaders to collaborate with us, so whether you overcame the glass ceiling, pioneered a revolutionary product or service, or have deep technical expertise we’d love to hear from you. 


Every sixth form student is assigned a personal coach to help them with career choices, academic support and mentoring. Your one-to-one support can be life-changing. 


Interested in volunteering with Ada?