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Chair of Board of Governors

Tiffany has had a long and successful career in the tech sector and throughout her professional life has been active in increasing representation in tech as well as promoting the idea that employers have a role to play in effective digital skills education in the UK.

Tiffany Hall joined Cancer Research UK as Chief Information Officer in July 2017 – the first person to hold the role and one of the first technology board positions in the charity sector. Cancer Research UK is the UK’s largest fundraising charity and Tiffany is responsible for setting and delivering the overall technology strategy. Since joining Cancer Research UK, she has steered the organisation through its largest ever reconfiguring of their digital and IT teams, triggering wholesale culture change across the organisation.

Prior to joining Cancer Research UK, Tiffany worked at the BBC for over 20 years in a range of technology leadership roles across the enterprise IT and broadcast engineering spectrum, including that of CIO. Her earlier career was spent in IT roles with Shell UK. She has been very much engaged in the UK digital skills agenda, in an advisory capacity with the Tech Partnership, as a STEM ambassador, and by working with DCMS on the Tech Talent Charter to help employers tackle the challenges of diversity in UK tech roles.

In January 2019 Tiffany was awarded CIO of the Year at the UK’s Women in IT Awards - the world's largest technology diversity event. And in May 2019 she was ranked number 9 in the UK CIO top 100.