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Student Coaching

Ada provides industry-led coaching for our students.  The purpose of the relationship is to build the student’s confidence in their strengths, skills and knowledge, whilst continuing to populate their digital CV to support them in their choices upon graduation.  This coaching relationship is at its most important during the summer, autumn and winter terms when students are exploring their opportunities after Ada: University (UCAS application), apprenticeships or work opportunities, including their own start-ups. 

Coaches and students commit for a minimum of 15 months, although ideally the relationship will last through the duration of the studies. They will have meetings every 4-6 weeks, depending on the student needs and their mutual agreement.  These meetings will be structured with the support of Ada. We welcome coaches from different industries.  


The student will develop a strong relationship with a professional based on dialogue and actionable insights. The coaching relationship should support them through a period of choices and prepare them for change.  As part of this relationship, the student will practice important soft-skills such as communication, planning and decision-making, self-awareness and time management.  There will also be a transfer of skills and knowledge about relevant industries and career opportunities as appropriate.


The coach will provide a safe environment for the student to explore the different choices available to them as they start their professional life.  The coach will practice important soft-skills for the world of work, such as communication, empathy, planning and decision-support, and coaching.


Time commitment: 15 month programme starting in January with monthly meetings (60-90) minutes, plus prep and follow up time (Average total monthly commitment per student coached is 4 hours).

The first meeting should take place at Ada. Afterwards, the coach and student can agree a mutually convenient location.

  • October - December: Recruitment of coaches. Introduction to the programme, selection and training.
  • Janaury: Matching with students, first meeting.
  • February - June: Getting to know each other, discovery of options
  • July - October: Preparing UCAS application
  • November - March: Exploring more options, making decisions