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Year 12 Industry Project

Another successful Industry Project with Bank of America

Our Year 12 students headed to the Bank of America offices in the City to kick off their 3-day Industry Project. This is one of Ada's unique offerings: the tie-in with our brilliant and generous Industry Partners, which our students benefit from greatly. The Industry Partner issues a brief/challenge and the Ada students work in teams towards a final presentation. Volunteers from the Industry Partner support the students throughout and also share their career paths in tech with them - putting computer science into real life context. 

Day 1 was hosted at the impressive offices of Bank of America and started with a warm welcome by Suzanne Janse van Rensburg (Managing Director, Business Operations Executive, Global Technology at Bank of America),  an engaging icebreaker exercise and hearing from the Bank of America volunteers about their career journeys and current roles at Bank of America.

Then came the anticipated introduction to the task: each of the 12 teams was given $1m - virtual - to invest across 5 stocks. The Ada students, in roles of Biz Analyst, Developer and Tester had to look at historical data, write and test code and evaluate which stocks would perform best over a 12 month period. The team work and the race to win the final presentation on Friday had begun. 

For day 2 of the Industry Project with Bank of America, the teams were back at the Ada campus - working hard on their solutions and presentations. The experienced volunteers and Ada teachers were at hand throughout the day to help with the process, coding questions and presentation prep.

The final day of the Industry Project at the Bank of America offices: Presentations from all our project teams and feedback from the judges, before a winning team is chosen. The winners of the 2024 Industry Project with Bank of America are: "Equity Elite".

Bank of America were full of praise for all Ada students: their focus, hard work and great questions throughout the project. Well done to the winners, thanks to the teaching team at Ada, the volunteers at Bank of America and congratulations to all the students for completing another exciting 3-day project with one of our Industry Partners.