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Daisy Ferreira

Our students have the opportunity to be paired with a tech professional who acts as their coach throughout their time at Ada. Here, one of our students reflects on the benefits of such a unique opportunity.

Ada paired me up with Stephani Pio from King to be my coach. We spent time together to help me identify my strengths and what I value most inside and outside of work. This allowed me to think about which direction I would be heading in next - really useful as it’s quite a minefield of different options! She also helped me by going over my CV and personal statement for university. It was useful because she shared her previous experiences with me which opened my eyes as to what to expect from doing applications. Knowing what her journey was like - with its ups and downs - made me feel reassured and more confident in myself.

Having a coach from the industry has been amazing because they are handling a lot of challenges that I will face once I enter the workplace. Stephani has given me insight into what to expect, including the unexpected! Early on when I was considering a certain career path, she introduced me to a member of her team doing that particular role. It’s not that common for people my age to have a link who can do this. Having a coach from the tech sector has been invaluable as I prepare to enter the world of work.