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Our Ada Community

To build the diverse, equitable and inclusive workforces of the future, we believe there are three key areas we must focus on: Female learners, learners from low-income backgrounds and learners from an ethnic minority background.

Our Vision

Transform more lives by quadrupling annual intakes of new diverse learners. Our target is for: 

  • 50% of learners to be female
  • 50% of learners to be from an ethnic minority background
  • 50% of learners to be from a low income background 

Historic Diversity Data

Across the College

Sixth Form

Degree Apprenticeship Programme

  • “We believe the provision of high-quality teaching, practical experience and careers advice are all vital to student success. As a founding partner, we are excited to involve our staff in supporting students, providing them with industry know-how, experience and advice to help them achieve their ambitious goals. ”

     ~ Kevin Walsh Global Managing Partner, Technology Consulting, Deloitte

  • “Understand well as I may, my comprehension can only be an infinitesimal fraction of all I want to understand.”

     ~ Ada Lovelace

  • “Technology innovation is key to driving transformation within business, but the need for technical talent is not yet met by the number of qualified people entering the workforce. We are therefore very proud to be a founding supporter of Ada College. ”

     ~ Andrew Butcher EMEA Head of Technology and Operations, Bank of America