Do you want to push the boundaries of human-centred design and user experience? The best technologies understand how humans work.

Why Psychology?

Psychology is the science behind human behaviour. Study the inner workings of the mind with Psychology A Level and research complex and fascinating theories about human behaviour. Why do we need leaders? How can childhood experiences affect the decisions we make today? How does schema dictate the way we behave in certain situations?

In an increasingly digitised world, technology must be user-friendly. We must be the pioneers of future-thinking user experience which is why psychology is so fundamental. Learn core principles behind decision-making and leadership to land on your feet in your first job in industry.

What you'll learn

  • Understand how to better communicate in a project team, get the most from your peers
  • Develop fundamental research skills which will massively help in future roles
  • Own your character development with your newly formed knowledge
  • Grow confident using facts and figures to form an argument

Progression and career opportunities

  • Software Developer (it’s not all about code!)
  • User Experience (UX) Researcher
  • User Experience Designer
  • Data analyst
  • Project manager