Do you want to thrive in the business world? Unlock knowledge that will serve you well in any career move.

Why Business Studies?

Business makes the world go round. At Ada we want to play a part in spinning the axis. Our country’s wealth is superior because of fast-moving trade and rapid tech developments. Business Studies shows you how to overcome the road bumps by learning from the decisions made by smart businesses of today.

How can you grow an idea into a profitable tech business? Why are women less well represented in senior management teams, particularly in tech firms? How are British businesses using technology to meet the challenges of globalisation?

We will investigate the role that technology makes in making important strategic decisions. We will also learn what Corporate Social Responsibility actually means, and how this influences the future of any forward-thinking business. While we love risk-takers, with Business Studies A Level you will learn to identify which risks are worth taking. Even if you don’t want to pitch an idea to the Dragon’s Den, Business Studies gives you commercial savviness that will put you a step ahead of the rest when you go to industry.

What you'll learn

  • Confidence in analysing data

  • Define your unique selling point

  • Form clear financial projections

  • Develop essential presentation-giving skills

  • Plan projects based on budget and resource required

Progression and career opportunities

  • Start-up founder

  • Systems analyst

  • IT Consultant

  • UX Analyst