Co-curricular Activities

We value the provision of a positive, well-rounded journey for all of our students which includes their social, emotional and physical wellbeing.

At Ada, we are responsible for ensuring that all of our students receive the necessary help and guidance they need to develop as individuals in addition to the college wide values we strive to instil. This personal growth of each and every student is an essential cog in the industry focus that makes us truly unique. 

Our doors are open to students of all walks of life, with differing circumstances and situations. As such, we endeavour to create a dynamic attitude to guiding each individual student. It works like a roundabout. Students can come from any angle or direction and it’s our job to direct them to the right exit. We’ll do everything we can to advise or support them, which at times means referring them to specific external networks which match their need.

There are four streams of care that we provide at the College. The easiest way to remember them is Policies, People, Programmes and Peers (PPPP).


Our first commitment is to the safety of students and all members of the Ada community. It's the first thing we cover during staff inductions and a primary focus throughout the college. This underpinned by a number of policies — including safeguarding — which shape our approach to students' wellbeing.


Students can interact and raise concerns with a number of staff members with extensive experience dealing with young people and adolescents. Support extends from “open door” first line response in the form of our pastoral care officer up to the Principal and Safeguarding Lead.


We are proud to have developed an industry coaching programme which gives our students the opportunity to have industry mentors from their first year in the college. Coaches provide an invaluable avenue of external support to ensure students can share their thoughts and ideas freely in a "1-2-1" environment. Students can also join or start new extracurricular activities, such as the basketball, kayaking, climbing, and ethical hacking clubs.


Each year a number of students are elected to represent their peers on a student board which meets with Dean and Pastoral Care Officer periodically to consider the “climate” of the college and give students a definitive voice.

We encourage parents to be active in their child’s learning and welcome contact from curious parents. With students, parents, and Ada working together, we’re dedicated to providing the best experience for all of Ada's students.