Process for Hiring Apprentices

Step 1 : Define the role

It’s important to understand the ins and outs of the apprenticeship scheme so you can rest assured you’re offering a valuable experience for both you and your apprentice. Ada work with you every step of the way to ensure the apprentice gets the right level of support they need. But first, you need to define the role with a job description. We can help here too but most companies handle this independently.

Step 2 : Find the right apprentice

Now you’ve shaped out a job description we can launch it. We see this working collaboratively, you share the job description across your networks and we will too. We can extend your reach by sharing the vacancy to school career advisors and apprenticeship networks. Once you’ve found the right candidate, you can then make the offer.

How do I hire the right apprentices? (blog post?)

Step 3 : Prepare the workplace

There a few bits of paperwork you need to do to ensure you get paid the government levy, including signing up to the Digital Apprenticeship Service. You will also need to agree on whether you are offering a rotational or fixed placement. It’s time to get the starter packs together for the induction, and decide who will be in charge of line-managing the new apprentices.

Key dates


May intake        

Oct intake

Finalise job description

Oct - Dec

Mar – Early June

Launch job vacancy

Nov - Jan

April – Early July




Apprentice offers made     



Apprentices' details confirmed



Apprentices' first day at employers    

Late April

Late Sept

Apprentices start at Ada