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At Ada, we take work experience seriously.

You may have read our previous blog – A day at Salesforce - about our students going out for unique and exiting work experience.  And, through our partnership with Next Tech Girls, an initiative by Empiric, girls interested in a future in digital skills come to do their work experience with us.  With Next Tech Girls, we share the aim of increasing the number of girls into meaningful technology work experience and we are developing more opportunities to make this a reality.

We invited three girls to complete one week work experience with us in February 2018, and take part of our industry project with King #AdaKing.

Their first work project? To write a blog about Ada! I know it may be difficult to think what kind of projects students can do on their first day of work experience.  In the digital era,  we all have a demand for content marketing in our organisations, and having a new, fresh voice to work on it is a great opportunity for the students to learn about the organisation, and for us to get a meaningful contribution from their work.  Below are some excerpts of their writing.

Winnet W

The teaching staff at Ada are very hardworking and determined and prioritize their students and their future.  Many teachers have said that the college is not like a traditional college and there is more freedom.  The college projects are really educational and fun for the students.  One of the reason why many teachers joined the Ada community is the origin of the name and the inspiration behind it. The name showcases a women named Ada Lovelace who was a British computing pioneer from the 19th century and regarded as the first programmer.  She embodies the college values and the focus of getting more women involved.

Shade O

I haven’t been here for long but I believe Ada is a great place to develop digital skills and partake in fun educational projects. I think this school is really different and that’s what I and so many others like about it. I love the fact that the school is quite free and you have the opportunity to express yourself creatively though your work. I think this is an amazing school to come to if you are looking to challenge yourself and develop your skills and I would love to come to this school for sixth form because of the subjects community and projects.


Ada is not your traditional college or sixth form.   Many students chose to continue their studies at Ada because they believe it would help develop their computer science and mathematical skills. The students say Ada is a great opportunity for them. The students are able to be comfortable in a safe environment where its shows diversity in digital skills and links subjects together.

Since the college is not “traditional”, the students are able to be in a university type environment which will allow them to quickly adapt once they reach that stage of their lives.

If you want to learn more about Next-Tech Girls and how to take part in meaningful work-experiences get in touch!  They are always looking for more industry partners to provide opportunities for girls, and for more girls (and schools) who want to take up up these great placements.

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