Words by Tina Götschi
Posted 1 year ago

Have you ever felt like the only techny-nerd in the room?

Do you love tech? Do you still have lots of questions about it?

Do you read the news and blogs and keep up with the global tech scene,but wonder what is going on in tech locally and for other people like you?

Are you creative and curious? Do you mostly work and think on your own? Nevertheless, would you like to connect, collaborate, network,  and learn from others some of the time?

Do you wish there were people out there that can teach you and support you and stretch you as you learn about the technologies that interest you the most? Do you wonder if teachers and leaders like that exist in your community?

Yes, there do! We bet you’re one of them, and we need all of you at Mozfest 2018! Your participation is critical - without YOU Mozfest won’t be the same. Anyone can submit a proposal for a session, and we encourage you to share your ideas for sessions and workshops through this call for proposals. Different MozFest sessions cover a wide range of topics, but all of them share two important qualities: they are interactive and inclusive.

That’s a great thing, because the future of Internet is in our hands! Young people and those who support them are excited to build a healthier Internet that empowers us to solve problems and achieve our dreams.  This year Ada, the National College for Digital Skills, is proud to be on the wrangling team for the Youth Zone to support such work. Join us at Mozfest for a weekend of hands-on experiences that immerse participants in young people's ideas about what the Internet can be. Participants will bring home new creations and understandings of Internet health and ways to stay connected with youth-led conversations and projects.

Mozfest 2018 will be at Ravensbourne University in London, 22-28 October 2018.

Submit a session here : https://mozillafestival.org/proposals

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Read more about Mozfest 2018 here: https://mozillafestival.org/

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