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Posted 1 year ago

At Ada, we take work experience in surprising directions.

On the 31st of January I was lucky enough to visit Salesforce, a CRM company, on their end of year. At the beginning of the day I was nervous about the day that I had ahead of me, I was keen to make good first impressions so that I could represent myself and my college well. When I walked in the office, it was buzzing with people rushing around, it was a hectic day where I learned about who Salesforce are and what they do.

First I visited the sales team who were eagerly trying to meet their sales targets on their last day to do it, I was walked through the different methods they used to keep track of all of their sales and the ways they categorised them. The sales team even had a gong in the corner of their office and whenever a sale was completed the salesperson responsible would hit the gong and be met with applause, they would then say who the deal was with and how much it was worth. Later on in the day I visited the strategic team who set the targets that the sales team were trying to meet and were putting in place the targets for the following year. I also visited the marketing team where I learnt about how they work with their customers. Something that really stood out to me on the day was how clear it was that the office has been designed to help to make the employees happy whether it was a fridge of drinks or a room for meditation. At the end of the day I felt fulfilled with the experience that I had and was extremely impressed with the culture of the office and the clear pride they shared in the company they worked for.

This day, I feel, was really useful for me. It allowed me to see what it was like to be in a professional environment, and saw the different roles that there were within a technology company. What was especially interesting for me was looking at potential roles that I am personally interested in pursuing in an apprenticeship or after university. I think that many of my peers at Ada would love the opportunity to experience a day like this.

Throughout the day all of the people who I spoke to at Salesforce, despite it being the busiest day of their year, were accommodating and were always happy to give me advice that I will take away with me.

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