Digital Degree Apprentice

Software Developer Degree Apprenticeship

October 2019 Intake

Digital Degree Apprentice Job Description

Role Responsibilities:

• You will be rotated across our technology teams to give you the opportunity to explore your interests

• Contribute to a range of creative projects encompassing the full breadth of modern software engineering.

• Complete formal training delivered by Ada while gaining experience Qualifications Essential:

• A Level or Equivalent - preferably with relevant subjects

• You should have an interest in coding, problem solving, or technology.


• You should have spent some time learning to code or working on projects independently.

Personal Attributes

This will be a busy role in a team so the successful candidate’s behaviours will need to strongly aligned to our values: • Champion the client: customer service is a passion, cultivates trust, has clarity and communicates well, works with pace and momentum

• Lead the way: innovative and resilient, strong learning agility and curiosity

• Love what we do Conscientiousness - has high self-discipline, carefulness, thoroughness and organisation, Flexible and adaptable

Number of openings 5

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